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Crystal glass beads

Crystal beads are made from the glass which is cut to form multiple facets. Some of the finest artists use the crystal beads which are also known as Swarovski beads. These beads create dazzling jewellery and designs. Crystal beads are mainly used by jewellery designers because of the sparkling and high reflective attribute. Crystal beads come in different shaped like the round crystal beads, drop crystal beads, cube crystal beads, conical crystal beads, rectangle, crystal beads etc. The newest designs of glass crystal beads are the faceted beads and these are available at jaipurbeads.  At jaipurbeads, we offer high quality of beads for jewellery making at crafter friendly prices. We are sure you will find a beautiful and versatile glass beads at our beads online store- jaipurbeads

Ancient and Storied Past

Naturally occurring glass, such as volcanic obsidian, has been utilized as a tool, and even as a weapon, by mankind for eons. However archaeological evidence shows that glass was first made by man on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Glass beads symbolize power, fashion, wealth, and the exploratory spirit of humanity. The methods and tools used to make glass beads are among the oldest in recorded human history,. The ancient Roman civilization utilized glass bead making and employed glass beads in their own arts. they also used beads for jewellery making

Time Traveller

Glass beads are not just an beautiful add on to your jewellery or any art project, they are valuable clues. It is a long lasting object comprised of material which can sourced chemically or geographically. Glass beads transmit the rich histories of trade, technology as well as the artistic expressions for cultures and lifestyle .With such a rich history and deep connection to the earliest forms of artistic expression, glass beads from Jaipurbeads will add sparkling beauty and abundant tradition to any project you can imagine.

A wide variety of Colors to choose from

Glass beads are naturally are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, lusters, and colors. They are made to appear similar to many different precious stones and beads and are therefore available with a clear, translucent, and even smoky appearance. Glass is a highly adaptable product, we present to you crystal glass beads online in beautiful rainbow of colors and hues at affordable prices.

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