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Semi-precious jade stones beads at jaipurbeads

A semi-precious jade stone is used to create jade jewellery. It is said to be a good luck crystal that brings prosperity and abundance to your life there are organic resources that are also used for making semi-precious jade jewellery. The natural jade beads as well as natural stone beads are available at jaipurbeads in variety of colors to choose from like red jade beads, pink jade beads, blue precious stone, green precious stone, turquoise stone beads, dark green stone beads, brown jade beads, lemon jade beads, light green stone beads , purple jade beads etc. Jade stones carry nourishing energy. Jade is a kind of stone which creates harmony of mind, body as well as spirit.  Its hardness and sturdiness is the reason why it is being used in fashion jewellery.

we offer genuine jade beads with so much of  color options including multicolor  jade stones that you will always be successful in fulfilling your requirements, be it large jade beads or small jade beads, single color stone beads or multicolor stone beads, round shaped beads, crystal shaped beads, square shaped beads etc. Nowadays Jade stone is also used as beads, as stone jewelry, as Jade necklace, as Jade pendant and also as drop earrings. The most expensive color in jade stone jewelry is vibrant emerald green and is the finest quality called jadeite

Precious stones like diamond, sapphires, rubies and emerald are considered as precious stones while all the other stones are considered semi-precious stones. This however is a commercial classification which gave a false impression that precious stones are more valuable than semi-precious stones. Jaipur beads offer authentic jade beads and natural jade beads which will always give a look of real jade beads. the beads at Jaipurbeads are made of excellent quality raw material and are original jade beads. These products are highly durable, reliable and highly demanded in the market at competitive prices. We always want to be one step ahead of our competitors so we keep adding new jade beads, despite adding a modern jade stone beads we also have a large variety of antique jade beads. For a wide range of Jade quartz stones, shop at Jaipurbeads.