shell pearls

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What are Shell Pearls?

The shell pearls are made in the laboratory for the inner lining of an oyster. The making of shell pearls involves various stages. The raw material for the base of the pearl is seashell which is shaped, dyed, coated and polished to the final shape of a pearl. To produce a good quality pearl the key ingredient is the mother of pearl beads which is shell pearls, it adds weight, value, and durability to the pearls. The industry’s strict quality control ensures that the shell pearls will keep their color and shine unaffected by sweet and perfume. In fact, the minerals used to produce shell pearls are of high quality and therefore shell pearls are more durable than cultured pearls and freshwater pearls

Why shell pearls are a better choice?

There are various reasons why most of the pearl lovers around the world prefer purchasing shell pearls.

The first parameter is the price as the shell pearls are the affordable product for every pocket. Of course, the range of prices varies from pearl to pearl as some of them may be a little expensive but this is a result of their excellent quality. But if we compare shell pearls to other pearls they are still much easier and cheaper to purchase, this means purchasing shell based pearls value is always high as compared to others

The second reason to purchase shell pearl is its quality. The rarity of pearl shell not only makes it expensive but also makes it hard to find perfect shape and size. The manual production of the shell pearls enables the manufacturer of the pearl to determine the shape, size as well as the color of the pearl, therefore making the final result of the shell pearl look perfect

The modern technology of the shell pearls assures its durability. The shell pearl will always keep the shine and color and will not be affected by the sweet, perfumes and detergents. The pearl beads in its marketing form are a result of a long process of shaping and coating, and intensive quality control inspection. Another reason for purchasing pearl beads is the controlling of its shape and color. This means the customer is able to choose from the different color options and shapes, and buy these natural pearl beads which best suits his/her taste. Therefore the manufacturer is able to offer a wide range of colors and shapes, which are not to be found in cultured pearls. The shell pearls can be used to make pearl shell pendant, pearl shell necklace, pearl shell bracelet, etc. in order to use beads for jewellery making, jaipurbeads provide shell pearl beads online at our store

Great things about shell pearls

  1. It has a genuine look and feel : Because they have a real seashell at their core, shell pearls look & feel more genuine than glass pearls. We provide a variety of quality pearl beads at our online bead store


  1. Resilience: Shell pearls are more resistant to sweat, perfume, and other contaminants that commonly affect cultured pearls.


  1. Availability: The controlled manufacturing process ensures that we can continuously restock items in the same shapes and color